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How to Grow Watercolor Peonies

Watercolor Peonies - learning and growing

(day 1)

Last week, I accompanied my dad to a Center in St. Albans, WV. A small group of dedicated artist gather each week to paint in watercolor. It's really quite fun. I love to paint. The people in his group are interesting and inspirational. Sometimes, I try my hand at realistic watercolor. This watercolor peony is from a friends photograph. As we painted, live Dulcimer Music from Appalachian

Musicians drifted in from the next room, it was beautiful. "almost heaven" Dad is 91 and still painting.

His beautiful painting, Darold, was just accepted into the

WV juried art exhibit, Aqueous 2017.

I'll post more about his painting later.

1/2 way through - Day 1 Peonies, Becky Kelly

1/2 way through - Day 1

I'm learning and growing, painting realistic flowers, fruit and landscapes,

quite a departure from fairies and children.

Children's Book Art for my portfolio is my latest passion. Attending seminars, and lectures, last weekend I attended a conference with Simon and Schuster's Laurent Linn, Art Director.

The SCBWI is a good resource. I'm learning and growing

Is going from greeting cards to books, an easy transition?

No way, it is an all new experience. (I've learned how much I need to learn).

Learning and growing is the best part of living.

Just ask my dad, Age 91 and still growing.

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