About Becky Kelly

Art and Soul

Becky wanted to paint and draw from the first time

she held a paint brush.

Always in love with animals, she
 wanted to have a Zoo in her home when she grew up.  

Soon, she realized cleaning up after an Elephants in the living room

wasn't as much fun as she thought. 

She decided draw and paint animals instead. 

Now, Becky enjoys painting in her sunlit art studio near Kansas City.  

Birds, bunnies, raccoons and a deer or two wander through

the gardens near her home bringing inspiration.

Trilly, her dog and business manager, watches over the Art Studio.

She lets Becky know when it is time for a walk. 

Becky feels fortunate to work with some of the best art directors, designers, editors and companies in the industry.  Clients include Hallmark Cards, Inc., Sunrise Greetings, Papyrus, Andrews McMeel Universal, Timeless Treasures, Antioch, RSVP, and PK Press, Sarah's Silks, and Antioch among others.