But Becky is quick to point out that what she paints is not fantasy. The scenes she paints are based on the real world, with just a sprinkling of stardust to add a bit of magic. Becky draws on her past before she draws in her sketchbook. She has crystal-clear memories of her childhood spent in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, and this lush and beautiful landscape provides the backdrop for many of her enchanting watercolors. On walks through the woods, her father would playfully encourage Becky to keep a watchful eye out for fairies, spurring her imagination to fill in the details of what the shy little creatures might look like. Today, these fairies make frequent appearances in Becky's art. Becky's paintings are also alive with the joyful sound of children at play. Her son, Payton, his friends, and even his stuffed animals have provided Becky with a constant source of inspiration for the past several years. Always an artistic child, Becky began experimenting with watercolor painting in grade school. She fondly remembers accompanying her father, an architect and painter, on trips to the countryside where they would set up easels side-by-side and paint for hours. Becky won many local art competitions in high school and went on to study painting, illustration, and design at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio. After graduating, she accepted a position as an illustrator at Hallmark cards in Kansas City, Missouri.

"The best gifts we can give to our children are memories of being truly loved and of joy being shared. " Becky's son was born in 1992, and with much soul searching and trepidation, Becky chose to leave a very successful career with Hallmark for the uncertainty of freelance illustration. Even while realizing that her decision would cut her family's income by more than half, she had faith that things would work out if she continued to follow her passion.